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Why Hire a Locksmith

The secret is out!! Now pretty much anyone can purchase the tools and products once available only to professional locksmiths. Whether shopping online or at a home center, consumers can purchase a variety of locks and tools marketed for the “Do It Yourselfer.” While this may sound like an easy and cost effective strategy, it may not always be the best option, even for those who are handy with tools.

Here are a few things to consider:

  1. Not all lock problems require replacing hardware; sometimes a simple repair or part replacement can solve the problem.

  2. For the novice, all locks may seem equal. That shiny lock in the home center clear packaging may look nicer than the old door knob on your front door, but is the quality comparable? Will it hold up over time? Without adequate product knowledge, the unsuspecting consumer may throw away good quality hardware and replace it with something quite inferior.

  3. It’s not all about the lock. When it comes to security, the structural integrity of the door jamb and frame is actually far more important than the cost or quality of the lock. Do you know how to ensure maximum security and safety?

  4. It’s almost always more complicated and time consuming than you expected.

Peace of mind comes from knowing that a job was done right. There are little tricks of the trade that the average person just doesn’t know and that make a tremendous difference in the quality and completeness of the job.

Call Steve’s Locksmith Service for a free, no obligation, professional consultation @ 215-493-2221.

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